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Bring your film to life with a soaring and captivating orchestral score. With a passion for creating original music, Joseph Caudill will craft a dynamic track that perfectly fits your film's story and elevates it to new heights. Joseph's expertise in orchestral composition, combined with his talents as a pianist and vocalist, make him the ideal choice for your film's soundtrack. Experience the magic of a high-quality orchestral score for your film, and let Joseph Caudill elevate your production to the next level.
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Video Games

Enhance your game's atmosphere with breathtaking music that brings your story to life. Joseph Caudill, a skilled orchestral composer, specializes in creating original scores for games. With a passion for crafting dynamic tracks that perfectly complement your game's narrative, Joseph is the ideal choice for your next project. Immerse your players in a rich and captivating world with music that sets the tone and elevates the experience
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Web videos/ads

Bring your web video or advertisement to life with a captivating soundtrack. Joseph Caudill specializes in creating original music that perfectly fits the tone and message of your project. His musical prowess and expertise in composing for various media make him the perfect choice to bring your vision to life. Immerse your audience in a world of sound with a custom score that captures the essence of your message and leaves a lasting impression. Partner with Joseph Caudill to elevate your web video or advertisement with music that truly sets it apart.
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Audio Dramas/Podcasts

Enhance your audio drama or podcast with an unforgettable score. Joseph Caudill excels in composing original music that seamlessly complements your audio production. With his musical prowess and dedication to creating dynamic tracks, your story will be elevated and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Whether you need music to emphasize key moments or set the mood, Joseph Caudill can craft a score that will leave a lasting impact. Trust him to elevate your audio drama or podcast to new heights with a stunning soundtrack.