About Joseph Caudill

Growing up in the small community of Louisville, MS, Joseph Caudill's musical journey kicked off amidst the lively chaos of a seven-person household. With his family's harmonious tunes filling the air, Joseph's childhood was a whirlwind of shared passion and creativity.

It all began with a Christmas present from his grandparents—a mandolin that sparked Joseph's love for making music. Guided by his family's melodies, he soon found his groove on the strings, igniting a lifelong passion. And though the mandolin was just the start, it was the piano that really stole his heart, opening up a whole new world of musical expression.

Joseph's love for film scores blossomed as he grew older, fascinated by their ability to capture the essence of a story. An unexpected find of GarageBand on the family iPad became the gateway to his creative journey. With determination and grit, he upgraded to professional equipment, diving headfirst into the world of film scoring.

Fueled by a hunger for knowledge, Joseph pursued studies in Music Business, Composition, Songwriting, and audio engineering at Dark Horse Institute, nestled in the heart of Nashville, TN. There, among the music capital's bustling streets, he hones his craft, gearing up for a bright future in the industry.

But Joseph's dreams reach far beyond film scoring; he envisions himself running his own record label, producing music that speaks to the soul, and gracing stages around the globe with his captivating performances.

In a recent triumph, Joseph Caudill took home the  "Best Score" award for his work on "The First Step" at the Life Fest Film Festival, a testament to his talent and dedication.

Joseph continues to weave musical tales that resonate deeply. His journey, rooted in family, passion, and an unshakable love for music, is a testament to the incredible heights one can reach when following their passion.